Real Time Control
Embedded Systems

Why Oracle

Oracle specializes in microprocessor based product and digital logic design, combining expertise in both software and hardware

We are experts in Embedded Systems Design. Our wide range of experience includes:

Software Design

  • Embedded Firmware for Medical, Robotics, Commercial and Industrial applications.
  • Real Time Control Software running under: Windows, Linux,  uCOS, MQX, VRTX and other RTOS.
  • Programming Languages – C++, C, Assembler,  Forth, Visual Basic.
  • Custom Device Drivers for Windows and other RTOS
  • Customized control software for SPI, I2C, CAN, PWM, USB Control.
  • Experienced with FDA requirements for Software Design.

Hardware Design

  • Medical Devices – blood analysis, radiation treatment, drug discovery, infusion pump.
  • Robotics – Autonomous Underwater Vehical propulsion system, navigation system, power control systems.
  • Industrial controls – factory automation, sequence controllers, real-time control systems.
  • Instrumentation – hand-held test and measurements, medical instruments, simulation and emulation devices.
  • Computer Design – embedded controllers, peripheral devices, video displays, operator interfaces, high speed digital logic design.
  • Microprocessors – ARM, MSP430, PIC, DsPIC, NIOS, Zync, 68XXX, 683XX,Intel X86 and Pentium, DSPs, And many more ….

Expert Witness

  • Medical Device Software
  • Computer Hardware and Software Intellectual Property – Trade Secret, Copyrights, Patents.
  • Product Liability – failure analysis of products involving hardware, software and firmware issues.
  • Software Development – System Non-Performance, Software Analysis
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