Real Time Control
Embedded Systems

Client References

This is what are clients say about Bob Weiman, President of Oracle Engineering LLC.

“Bob is a really great embedded systems engineer. He knows his hardware and software very well and applies those skills to solve real problems in a robust and efficient manner.”

—- Hugh V, Roche Diagnostics

“To say Bob has been invaluable is an understatement – he’s not only an expert but a perfect symbiotic foil for me to bounce ideas and designs off of from big picture to finest of details.”

—- Bill G, Convergent Dental

“Bob is a true engineer’s engineer, never taking shortcuts and always promoting implementations that are reliable, cost effective and manufacturable. 

—- John D, Microchip Technology

“His skills make him an instrumental part of the team, starting with conceptual development and continuing on through final implementation.”

—- Adam M, Mevion Medical Systems

“He is very knowledgeable, professional, and would love to hire him full time if he wanted a real job.

—- Chuck O, Still Rivers Systems

“Bob is an expert, thorough, reliable resource for embedded controller design. He has in depth knowledge of microcontroller environments and works well with both our team and our client customers.”

—- Jim H, Massa Products Corporation