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Run Windows on Multiple Domains and IP addresses The Easy Way

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

If you plug your laptop into different corporate networks as I do, you might run into some common Windows network problems. I will share my solutions to these problems. Since I am an Embedded Systems consultant, I frequently take my laptop computer with me when I visit clients. I connect to my clients networks for internet access. I may also need a static IP on a different subnet to talk to the development hardware project I am working on. The first problem I face is that Windows does not have a way to set up a computer with multiple IP addresses, unless you have multiple network adapters. When I connect to the development network which is isolated from their internal network, I loose internet access. Switching back and forth between networks is not very practical. The second issue is that Windows only allows computers to be part of a single Windows Domain (different from Windows Workgroups). Each client has a different domain to connect to and switching domains is even more problematic.

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