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How to Port a Cell Phone from Straight Talk to Google Voice

Written by BobW on September 5th, 2016

Porting a number to Google Voice is normally an easy process. However, porting a cell phone number from Straight Talk (ST) is a little more complicated.

When I tried to port a Straight Talk number, I kept getting an error “ZIP_CODE_REQ_OR_INCORRECT”.  I tried calling ST tech support, but they were clueless. They suggested I call Google Voice and tell them to contact ST.  The problem is that Google Voice does not have a telephone support line. Also, this is unnecessary, once you know the secret.

I spent lots of time searching the net trying solutions that did not work. After 9 attempts and one more search I found the trick.  It is not well documented, so hopefully my description here can save you some time and effort.

You will need two things to get the port to work:

1) Get your ST pin.

  1. a) Log into your ST account on the web. ‘
  2. b) On the left hand side, click Update Personal Profile.
  3. c) Scroll down to the Login Information section. There is a label called “Current Security PIN”.  Write down this number.

2) Go to the Google Voice online Port form. Enter your security pin. (I have seen reports online that you can just enter ‘0000’. I used my security pin, so I cannot vouch for the ‘0000’ method).

3) On the Google Voice online Port form, DO NOT ENTER YOUR ADDRESS. While this would make sense, (and works for other carriers) it does not work for ST. Instead you enter the address of the Tracfone  Miami warehouse (Tracfone owns Straight Talk):

9700 nw 10012 ave Miami Fl 33178.
(thanks to Rankie S for this tip)

The error message “ZIP_CODE_REQ_OR_INCORRECT” occured because the zip code from my home address did not match the ST records when Google Voice tried to verify the port.  You need to use the address above. If you follow these steps, your port should go through automatically. This method worked as of 9/16. Good luck.

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