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Free Windows Graphical App combines ipconfig, route, netstart commands

Written by BobW on April 9th, 2010

IpConfig, ipconfig, netstat, and traceroute are very useful command line utilities built into Windows. They can be used to debug problems with network adapters, internet connections, DHCP and so on.  Here is a Free tool that gives you the functionality of ipconfig, netstat, traceroute in a graphical format and you don’t have to remember all of those command line switches.

The tool has six tabs: Host info, IP info, Interfaces, Routes, Netstat, and Report. The screenshots below will give you an idea of how comprehensive the tool’s displayed information can be. Win IP Config shows everything about the computer’s IP configuration, DHCP status, MAC address, IP routes, current network, connections, and more.

Image View

via Free Windows GUI for ipconfig, route, netstart, TCP/IP config – 4sysops.

Download WinIpc  Here

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